I. The Neuro-Rehabilitation Program is a research centered program for proper inclusion of: (1) assessment which is individualized with scientifically based testing; (2) evaluation which is not only for emotional and when necessary for pain, but Prefrontal Cortex- Executive Brain Functions which is the self-control and self-management centers in a persons Central Nervous System; (3) research based interventions that are individually focused instead of generalized and not necessarily in line with resent therapeutic’s..  

II.  Biochemistry of good physical & mental health can involve natural products that improve the electrical systems of the 75 to 100 trillion cells in our brain and body.  Also, our physical health can be aided by natural body products that enhance effectiveness of our Brain Chemistry.  This research program employs (when warranted) natural products for issues related to Aging, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Menopause, Pain Control without Narcotics, Sleep, Mood (anxiety and depressive disorders), Drug and or Alcohol Dependence,  Performance Virility  

III. For example
A. This research program has had it research into Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Prefrontal Cortex- Executive Brain Functions damage in twenty-five (25) sexually abused females (children ages 3 to 16; adults ages 22 ro 53) accepted and presented before the premier Society for Neuroscience. 
A brief Professional Research Report:The Society for Neuroscience is a professional society, headquartered in Washington, DC, for basic scientists and physicians around the world whose research is focused on the study of the brain and nervous system.  Neuroscience Research, to be presented, must be reviewed by Scientific Editors of the Society for Neuroscience Prior to Acceptance or Rejection.  The Research was accepted “as New Noteworthy Clinical Neuroscience.  It was also cited as one of the leading new Neuroscience Therapeutic Finding of the Year. The Research was presented as a paper (poster) at the National professional meeting of the Society for Neuroscience held in New Orleans, LA.  

Scientific Title of the PTSD Research

Smith, S. & Lazarus, E.A. (2012).  Fear and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder - From Basic to Applied Neuroscience. Presented as a paper (poster) at the National professional meeting of the Society for Neuroscience held in New Orleans, LA.  

B. This research program involved analysis of the brains involvement in drug-taking behavior.   Much of this research occurred when Dr. Stanley G. Smith, Ph.D.  was a Research Scientist/Research Associate in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Mississippi. There were a number (over 20) of scientific papers and journal articles involving narcotic's, stimulant's, hallucinogenic agents and alcohol.  An example of these research publications was:

Scientific Title of the Drug Taking-Behavior Research

Davis, W. M., & Smith, S. G. (1977).  Catecholaminergic mechanisms of reinforcement:  Direct assessment mechanisms of reinforcement:  Direct assessment by drug self-administration. Life Sciences, 20, 483-492.

C.  In 1993 the Southwestern Psychological Association had a professional meeting in Texas where the organization gave Dr/ Stanley G. Smith, Ph.D. temporary professional title of Chairmen of Behavioral Medicine and he chaired the professional papers in Psychology for the 1993 meeting.  An example of several professional research papers present by Dr. Smith was:

Smith, S. G., & Smith, S. H. (1993, April).  Finger temperature for pain assessment in self- injurious persons.  Paper presented at the meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association, Corpus Christi, TX.

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