The Centurion Counseling Center, PLLC is a division of the Christian Life Support Center, Inc and is co-sponsor with the Cognitive Neuroscience and Behavioral Medicine Institute for research to improve quality of life.  While the term Counseling is employed in the facility title, it does nor should it be confused with traditional counseling practices.  This is a research program for area’s such as Neuro-Rehabilitation.

This approach examines, assesses and provides interventions related to Neurol-Behavioral Brain functioning associated with the Brain Prefrontal Cortex and its Executive Brain Functions. 

Executive Brain Functions
The Executive Brain Functions in the Prefrontal Cortex are the principal Central Nervous System (CNS) areas responsible for an individual’s personality and self-control and self-management operations.  This portion of the human brain is connected to all major regions of central nervous operation and controls emotions, attention, judgements, decisions, choices and how a behavior is performed. 

The Executive Brain Functions assessed, examined and treated for individuals in the research programs are the CNS Centers for Attentional Functions (e.g., Your ability to focus and attend); Inhibitory Operations (e.g., involves constraining, limiting and restricting and the control of impulsivity); Shift Functioning  (e.g., a persons ability to move with ease from one condition, setting, activity, or aspect of a problem to another as the case or event  demands); Emotional Feelings & Expression Operations (e.g., the ability to control feelings, emotional expression and modulate or control emotional responses); Self-Interpersonal Processing (e.g., controls functions related to social or interpersonal awareness); Action Initiate (reflects an individual’s ability to begin a task or activity and to independently generate ideas, responses, or problem-solving strategies); Working Memory (“on-line representational memory,” that is, the capacity to hold information in mind for the purpose of completing a task, encoding information, or generating goals, plans, and sequential steps to achieving goals); Planning &Organizing Center (individual’s ability to manage current and future-oriented task demands. It measures two aspects: 1) Plan component captures the ability to anticipate future events, to set goals, and 2) Develop appropriate sequential steps ahead of time in order to carry out a task or activity. The Organize component refers to the ability to bring order to information and to appreciate main ideas or key concepts when learning for communicating information.); Monitoring Current Tasks Center (reflects the ability to keep track of one’s problem-solving success or failure, and to identify and correct mistakes during behavior) and Materials Organization (measures orderliness of work, living, and storage spaces, e.g., desks, rooms).

As can be seen from the above the Executive Brain Functions are intimately involved in an individual personality/character, quality of life, and their positive performance in life.  Injury or damage to one or more of these areas can result in mental distress such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, ADHD, ADD, alcohol dependence, drug abuse, pain and problems of aging in an individual’s life. This may result in temporary or long term brain loss of self-control or self-management ability.   Think about a program that can treat post-traumatic stress disorder with advance amino acids and natural products that return an individual to improved nightly sleep, stops disturbing dream states, clears brain fog and improves the ability to pay attention to others - - - - have warm relations with others again.  Have problems with narcotic addiction and can be given amino acids and natural products that prevents withdrawal, blocks the desire to continue to take the drugs or drugs - - - allows you to clear up with out medication that makes it worse such a methadone or heavy and addictive tranquilizers and antidepressants and anti-psychotics that can have serious side effects.  Think about pain control without narcotics and their side effects, addiction, bowel issues, mind fog, tiredness etc.  

Goal of Program
This research program studies the individual and their brain functions for improve quality of life.  Its aim is to examine prefrontal cortex brain functions then devise a scientifically based program which can also employ amino acids and natural brain body enhancers to over come mental health & behavioral health issues, pain, and addictions.  Where needed the intervention employs natural substances to improve the neuro-chemistry for change of state in body-brain function. 

1.  This research program does not provide traditional medicine such as would be provided by a medical doctor (MD or DO) such as tranquilizers, antidepressant, ant-psychotics,  stimulants or narcotics non is it licensed to do such.    

2. This research program does not provide traditional counseling, psychological  or social work  practices nor does it intend to do so.

 3. This program is a research program.  Its procedures are related to knowledge found in particular with Neuroscience and to some extent in Behavioral Medicine.

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